Eliminate Contraband in Inmate Mail by 100% through Intelligent Automation and Process Efficiency by Design.

TextBehind® CAMMP System

TextBehind® CAMMP system (Comprehensive Access to Mail Management Portal) is a highly practical and easy-to-use cloud-based web application that is offered to correctional facility operators. This application was created specifically to be used by the correctional officers to manage every aspect of the inmate mail review and approval process on daily basis. Additionally, this system is equipped with a series of advanced automation functions to streamline mailroom operations to save time and enhance security related to all inmate mail data.

Primary Objectives of the TextBehind® CAMMP System

1– Security Value to the Correctional Facilities:
We provide inmate mail management software to eliminate contraband from the inmate mail by 100% and to streamline prison mailroom operations to save cost for reallocation of budget savings in addition to providing data capture and investigative tools.

2 – Social Value to the Family and Friends:
We provided www.TextBehind.com website and free mobile apps to enable family, friends and incarcerated individuals to communicate more conveniently, consistently and affordably. To learn more, please click here to visit the Family and Friends service website.

At TextBehind®, we surpassed expectations by inventing a series of service models where each eliminates all contraband from non-privileged inmate mail by 100% – on the very first day of implementation.

No-Cost Mail Management Software

As see on Corrections Forum, TextBehind® CAMMP is currently available to the correctional facilities at no cost or limitations. There’s also no infrastructure change or special hardware required. This system can be implemented on-demand as quickly as the correctional facility may desire. Conditions may apply.

Please contact TextBehind® by email us at cammp-info@textbehind.com to request for more information and a service demonstration online or at your correctional facility.

Key Features of
TextBehind® CAMMP System

1- Advanced Mail Content Approval and Dynamic Redaction of Text & Images

2- Smart Return To Sender Notifications

3- Inmate Housing Information System

4- Inmate Mail Block Settings

5- Outside Connections Management

6- Inmate Communications Monitoring

7- Inmate Watch-List for Monitoring

8- Smart Search Across the System

9- Auto Content Discovery
(Intelligent Proactive Keywords Setup)

10- Team Collaborative Feature

11- Download Mail from Historical Archives

12- Inmate Linkage for Gang Identification

13- Confidential Message Board

14- CAMMP User Activity Tracking

15- Super Mail Sorting & Mail Printing Panel


How does TextBehind’s mail management service work for family and friends?

TextBehind service promotional video demonstrating communication process between family, friends and the inmate,

TextBehind® CAMMP
Service Models

1) Print & Go

All mail processed by TextBehind® is delivered to the correctional facility through CAMMP system for their review and printing.

TextBehind provides all mail printing equipment and software to make daily mail process management a highly convenient and efficient process.

2) Paperless

TextBehind’s Inmate Mail Management API is available for integration by any facility or 3rd party vendor providing tablets and/or kiosks at a correctional facility.

Daily mail is accessed from TextBehind’s mail management portal and inmates can view their mail on the tablet and/or kiosk.

3) License Plus

TextBehind CAMMP software can be licensed for a monthly fee based on inmate population with the following advantages:

1- Receive electronic mail revenue generated from the TextBehind mail management system.

2- Get a certain volume of FREE physical mail processing service monthly based on the facility average inmate population.

3- Software maintenance and support is included.



Depending on factors such as your service model selection, new inmate mail policy education phase and/or printing equipment setup, TextBehind initially can implement the service in 30 days or less using our new account transition model where we print and ship the daily inmate mail to your facility from our production office Monday through Friday at no cost to you.

This process eliminates contraband by 100% from the very first day of your new inmate mailing policy’s effective date.